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We specialize in developing effective web sites for medium and small businesses at a reasonable cost. We can design a site to facilitate your business's unique needs, ranging from a modest sized but creative website that establishes your business's identity on the Internet, to a sophisticated and extensive online sales website using a secure shopping cart purchasing system.

Creating a well-designed website is both an art and a science. It is an art in that it requires an element of artistic design to skillfully layout pages, develop or find effective graphics, etc. It is a science in the sense that designing a good website involves the application of certain basic principles and programming techniques. A well-designed website proves that you value your site enough to invest time, money and effort in its development. You won't earn your visitors' trust unless they feel that your site is a serious undertaking with a long-term future.

In order for us to offer our clients appropriate alternatives for satisfying a large variety of website needs and budgets, we utilize a wide range of design and programming techniques. Our websites don't all look or function the same, but each are designed to fulfill their unique purposes in effective, attractive, and cost efficient ways.

We can produce a website with fast loading high quality photos, implement a creative multimedia online presentation, and/or incorporate online video clips, streaming audio, animations, and other multimedia tools, where having such higher end content on your site would be appropriate and facilitate your business. We can provide online contact tools, request forms, orderforms, and/or shopping carts where those types of interactivity with your site visitors would enhance your business.

We will assist your business in developing an effective website which will facilitate your business goals at a reasonable cost. Since we carefully create our sites to meet your organization's specific needs, the cost varies depending on what the unique needs are.

Our services include:

- Basic Website Design
- Custom Website Design
- FrontPage Websites
- Simple E-commerce Websites
- Advanced E-commerce Websites
- Advanced Website Content: Multimedia, Audio, Video, Macromedia Flash, Interactivity, etc.
- Website Promotion 
- Website Maintenance


We have created and/or designed a wide variety of websites of different kinds, styles, sizes, and uses. For examples of some of the websites which we have designed, see:

Central Drugstore Inc
The Law Offices of William M. Duncan
Rogue Valley Chorale
The Web-sters
Advanced Benefit Administrators
Westminster Presbyterian Church
Hempler's B.B. Meat & Sausage Co.
Laura Taylor
Mueller Gages
Four C's Service

Labor Revolution

To view testimonials written by some of our website design clients, use this website testimonials link.

We also are actively engaged in maintaining and updating numerous websites, including several of those listed above.

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