Emmaus Computing
                             Computer services in Southern Oregon



  • Has your computer slowed down?
  • Did someone inadvertently download spyware, malware, adware, keyloggers, or other malicious software that is adversely affecting your computer?
  • Are you struggling to install or configure a firewall, antivirus program, or other security software?
  • Has your computer been protected against the new threat of worm-infected jpg image files?
  •  Are you having trouble with Windows XP Service Pack 2?


Let us make your computer a useful tool
instead of a source of frustration—
by preventing and solving computer
problems before they get the best of you.




On Site Computer Consulting and Repair

Computer Procurement (fulfill your computer needs at reduced prices)

Computer Security / Spyware & Virus - Removal & Protection

Network Setup & Maintenance / Wireless Networking

Internet Access: setup and troubleshooting

Websites: creation, design/redesign, optimization, maintenance, etc.

Assistance with:

  Critical Software Updates
  Microsoft Windows
  Microsoft Office
  WordPerfect Office
  Using the Internet
  Safer alternative Internet browsers (e.g., Mozilla Firefox)
  Computer Multimedia (Video, Sound Tracks, Powerpoint Presentations, etc.)
  Computer Faxing
  A wide variety of Windows compatible software
  Less expensive non-Microsoft alternatives (e.g., Linux OS, Sun StarOffice)
  Optimizing websites for search engine indexing
  - - and more.


Emmaus Computing
Computer services in Southern Oregon

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Toll Free: 866-461-5790 Web: www.emmauscomputing.com
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